Our Businesses

We skillfully engineer projects
for the environment

Water Treatment

By reusing wastewater, we enable it to return to nature

By maximizing the value of waste, we make the best use of resources

We use our professional knowledge to build
underground, organized piping systems

Municipal Wastewater

  • Provide a total solution according to the needs of the project
  • Install an anaerobic digestion system
  • Introduce energy efficiency control
  • Integrate an advanced process, equipment and control system

Industrial Wastewater

  • Plan and build centralized treatment facilities in industrial zones
  • Plan underground drainage networks
  • Collect industrial-use wastewater
  • Treat and dispose of effluent centrally

Reclaimed Water

  • Municipal wastewater reuse
  • Industry wastewater reuse

Water Purification

  • Process design
  • Engineering, procurement and construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance

Water Desalination

  • Provide highly energy efficient desalination systems
  • Plan, procure, construct, and operate desalination plants