Ciatou Reclaimed Water Plant BTO project launches, providing 30,000 tons of usable water supply from reclaimed sources starting in 2026

(Taipei, May 12, 2023 )HDEC, subsidiary of Continental Holdings Corporation (stock symbol 3703), held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Ciatou Water Resources Center in Kaohsiung City today, officially launching the Ciatou Reclaimed Water Plant BTO Project.


“In an era where extreme weather has become the norm and water resources are scarce, HDEC provides professional water treatment and reuse services to solve droughts. Ciatou Water Resources Center is expected to start services in 2026, improving the flexibility of water dispatching resources in southern Taiwan,”said HDEC CEO Jerry Chou.


This is the third water reclamation plant planned by the Kaohsiung City Government as a response to the increasingly severe water shortage crisis in southern Taiwan and an effort to stabilize investments in high-tech industries. After the completion of the Ciatou Reclaimed Water Plant by the end of 2025, it’s estimated that, together with the Fengshan and Linhai water resources centers, Kaohsiung City will be supplied with 108,000 tons of reclaimed water daily for industrial use.


HDEC, a subsidiary of Continental Holdings Corporation, is involved in environmental engineering and water resource treatment. The total value of contracts on hand as of the first quarter of 2023 is NT$71.7 billion, which is equivalent to 15.2 times consolidated revenue in 2022. In addition to the Ciatou Recycled Water Plant BTO Project, HDEC currently has eight projects in the construction or operation stages. Among these eight projects, those related to reclaimed water include: Anping Water Resource Center, the Fengshan Water Resource Center, and the Linhai Water Resource Center.